Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Learning to live in tune with nature!

In our fast paced 9 to 5 society, taking time to admire and respect the beauty and greatness of our Planet can be the last of our concerns...but really, it should be the first! I have come to a better appreciation of our lovely Mother only during the last months of this current leave from work I am on at this time. With my children enjoying the presence of other children at daycare, I have some time to myself. This is not something everyone can boast about. While at home, and free from kids, I have enjoyed the heat (and this summer is in excess if heat) and light of the sun, the growth of new grass, the wonder of the growth cycles of "weeds" in a deep corner of my backyard.... and I have enjoyed the great power of the sun, ridding shirts and diapers of stains, heating the water in the little pool, burning my feet on the wooden deck.

  While all this is common to many, the thoughts that originated from those experiences are unique to anyone living them. Since my husband and I are very interested in spiritual matters, and he does a lot of research in the current growth of the world's spirituality, we came across (but not for the first time) some video interviews with Alex Collier (see video below). The simple idea of having to be more loving and respectful of our own Human race and it's home, our Planet, just makes too much sense. It doesn't have to come from Human Aliens from the constellation of Andromeda to be common sense. But somehow, our society's load of belief systems seems to make people not only forget that common sense, but go completely in the other direction....and that direction will be the death of us all if we don't change it soon!

Change does have to be a massive collective thing in one sudden act; it can be a series of little things in everyone's every day life. Taking the time to question. Taking the time to question our lifestyles, our societal systems, our financial we really need to be slaves to money and follow every little dictatures of our governments? Is it really necessary that we sacrifice 8 hours of each day to work? Is money really the best way to deal with material exchanges?

I had the luxury to sit and ask myself; What can I and my family do to make this world better, help it heal from our mistakes? I thought of a few things, to start with; recycle household materials instead of throwing them away (fabrics, old clothing, old doors, etc...), participate in the city's composting program, reduce and eventually eliminate the use of harsh chemicals (in kitchen cleaning products, shampoo, soap, household cleaners, etc...), increase the use of cloth diapers and speed up potty training. These are just a few examples, but it makes a difference.

That is just a start, but I find it alleviating to know that we are doing a good thing, no matter how small it seems.

Please feel free to share your solutions to help our Planet!

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