Monday, July 23, 2012

Miracle oil!

I discovered Tea Tree Oil a few months ago when my daughter had a yeast infection. Oh what a great discovery this was!! Deirdre had had the infection for over a week and I had been creaming her up with a mix of Cortisone and Clotrimazol as suggested by the pharmacist. After over a week treating her with that, there was no sign of improvement. So I started searching for other solutions online. That is when I read about Tea Tree Oil. I read that it was a natural anti-fungal agent and I wanted to give it a try. I bought a small bottle at our department store. With my cloth diapers, I use a diaper rash ointment made of Bee's wax, calendula, yarrow, great comfrey and other plants. I thought it would not be bad to make a Tea Tree Oil ointment out of that, so I took a tea spoon of it and added 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil and mixed it well. I put a very small amount of that on my little girl's infection and used it through out the day. What an amazing oil!!! The infection was totally gone within a day! I could see it disappearing at every diaper change. I then used it to disinfect my cloth diapers to be sure the rash would not come back (I used 10 drops of it in the rince cycle).

Tea Tree Oil comes from the Melaleuca Tree of Australia. It is a good antiseptic and anti-fungal and has a multitude of household uses. I now use a few drops in  water and vinegar as an all purpose cleaner. I put a few drops in the diaper pail as a disinfectant and deodorant. It is common in the Natural products sections in soaps, shampoos, topical creams. It is better to use it diluted as the pure 100% Melaleuca oil is very strong and can cause skin irritation. It is very good as a disinfectant on wounds.

My son had a very bad scrape on his cheek and I used the cream I had made for my daughter's infection to treat his scrape. Within a week, there was barely a sign of a scar! (note that there was Great Comfrey in that ointment...maybe the mix of the two was the perfect combo!)

I love this oil and would never want to run out of it. I think it should be a normal member of the medecin cabinet community!

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